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A useful tip for users installing VTune 2016 Sampling Drivers on Ubuntu 16.04 without success


Dear All,

I just wanted to share my experience installing vtune 2016, on Ubuntu 16.04.  Hopefully, this will help you if you're having problems installing the sampling drivers.  Note that this issue helped me, and the kernel that I am using is 4.4.0-36-generic.

If building with the command "build-driver" in the <install-dir>/sepdk/src, and you have the following error:

error: ‘struct module’ has no member named ‘module_core’
     unsigned long module_core = (unsigned long)mod->module_core;

error: ‘struct module’ has no member named ‘core_size’
     unsigned long core_size = mod->core_size

Then, to correct this issue, change into the vtsspp subdirectory and open the files module.c and collector.c with a text editor (make sure to use sudo).  In the modules.c file, comment out the lines:

    unsigned long module_core = (unsigned long)mod->module_core;
    unsigned long core_size = mod->core_size

and replace them with

    unsigned long module_core = (unsigned long)mod->core_layout.base;
    unsigned long core_size = mod->core_layout.size;

In the collector.c file, comment out the lines:

        unsigned long addr = (unsigned long)mod->module_core;
        unsigned long size = mod->core_size;

And replace with

        unsigned long addr = (unsigned long)mod->core_layout.base;
        unsigned long size = mod->core_layout.size;

After doing this, the build *may* work for you.  Hopefully, this helps you if you're reading this.



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