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Any chance of bringing back Amplifier 2015 features?


Hey all,

i use the Amplifier on a daily basis in a software company with a hugh code base.
I am talking about real world problems here, not the 10 class project.
So the number of dlls is quite high and the depth of the callstacks is also in the hundreds.

In the 2015 Amplifier version the TopDownView would expand to the selected DLLs or function selected in the BottomUp view.
Also you could do a expand all in the TopDownView.

This functionality seems to have been removed in the newer versions or am i just not finding them?

Expanding the TopDownView is 200 clicks minimum now, depending on the path and using arrow keys.
So developers which dont use it on a daily basis might be ok with this but for my team it is unbearable.

So while the rest of the company uses the newer 2019 version we still use the 2015 version.
Is there any chance of these features coming back?
I would also like to have more features like this, e.g. it would be great if i could let the TopDownView expand automatically until 10% or a 1sec or some value i set.

Also is it possible to run the Amplifier 2015 with newer licences ?
Because the company is discussing how many and what new licences to buy and i dont want to be screwed.

Thanks for any reply, maybe there is a soltion to this which i have not found yet...


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Hi Marcel,

You seem to be be using an older version of vtune we would suggest upgrading to the latest versions  for improved support.

We understand your concern regarding the feature missing, As you have a valid license, could you please raise a ticket on online service center they would  be able to provide you immediate support on this issue. You could reach online service center at the below URL.

We would recommend attaching screenshots when raising the issue.
Please find attached the instructions on how to raise a ticket on the online service center.



Arun Jose


Hi Marcel,


We are closing this thread as this issue is being taken care in the online service center.

Thanks for reaching out to Intel Forum Support.



Arun Jose