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Hot off the presses! (Intel Press, that is...)

Hey folks,
It occurred to me that the readers of this forum may not know about Intel Press, which writes some pretty amazing books. They just released a new VTune book which looks pretty impressive in its scope and I am NOT saying that just cuz I have a spiffy signed copy of it right here at my desk.
Check it out:
"VTune Performance Analyzer Essentials -- Measurement and Tuning Techniques for Software Developers" by James Reinders.
James is a VTune geek from way back, and I have to tell you: this is one good book. Whether you're a novice or an experienced app profiler, you'll find a lot of neat tips and guidelines on everything from hotspot hunting to multithreaded program analysis.
Another book that has been out a while, and is certainly worth taking a look at is "The Software Optimization Cookbook - High-performance Recipes for the Intel Architecture," by Rich Gerber.
You can learn more about these books and how to get a hold of them directly at Intel Press:

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