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How helpful is Premier support for Vtune?

Hello guys,

I have submitted an email here when we were trying to install and run vtlec and didn't get it to work and when we were not able to link against the, before I have done so here, I have already opened support tickets/issues at the intel Vtune Premier support and only today, then didn't even give or suggest a solution but they just changed the status from investigating ----> Reporduced (Escalated) where escalated means they sent it to engineering.

I have submitted these issues to 35 days ago or so.

Does sound like "premier support"?

IMHO, Intel should think about this support and may be have it more responsive. Or it is not like support at all.

Just I wanted to share this with you.
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Hi absalam!
I'm sorry you've had a bad experience with Premier Support. I know thatPremier Support does provide a service level agreement of one day for the initial response and I know they strive to meet that.
I wonder if perhaps you have a non-commercial license, since the non-comm license does not guarantee support (see question 2 of
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Hello Dave,

There is some problem there although through this forum and in my lastest problem with empty raw data, they did get back to me in one day.

My very first issues are still marked escalated and reported to engineering although, I have sent to them an email saying that I have resolved my issue and I don't need support in that issue.

The nice thing too is that one of the support poeple sent me a personal email offering to help which means at least to me that they want to do a good/fast job but there is definitely something inherently wrong that makes things a bit too slow after the first email.

By the way, I do have an academic license which is similar to a commercial license and that is why I was kind of frustrated by their overall response time with my issues, without the help I got from you I would have been banging my head to get anything done with Vtune.

Thanks very much Dave.

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I'm curious. Would you describe two things here?
One, what sort of support response times do you expect (assumea very big and difficult problem for example), and
Two, what software do you use that provides a GOOD example of end user support?
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