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How to reduce the data output in Lightweight Hotspots Analysis


I understand it's necessary to save all the event data in order to do the analysis. However, saving it to one big .vtss file is the dumbest thing I'ver ever seen. I appologize for the words I'm using. I have even a file with 16GB. It crawls and crashes when it load and resolves.  Any suggestion to resolve this issue?

I sent out crash report 2 days ago, never heard any feed back. If the tech support is so bad, why bother? Sorry about the attitude.

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First at all, thanks of sending crash report. It might take time for investigating...and might be fixed in future releases. I also think "crash" problem is another issue even data out is huge. Back to reduce the size of data output, you might do one of below: 1. Change option in project properties, set "-target-duration-type=medium" or set "-target-duration-type=long". The tool will change sample interval to reduce the size of result. 2. Right-click on Lightweight-hotspots then select "copy from current" to create a new analysis type for you. You are allowed to enlarge Sample After Value to reduce samples. 3.Another way is to use Pause/Resume API to collect data in specific code area (time range?) to reduce the size of result. See this KB - Hope it helps.