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Installation errors: A Digitally signed driver is required


I have encountered issues when I was installing the intel parallel studio XE 2016 update 3 today.

There are two pop-up windows during the entire install and I ignored. I cannot remember the exact content in these two pop-ups but they are all about "a digitally signed driver is required".

I tried to fix this problem by reboot my PC and disable driver  signature requirement for once. I then use the installation media to repair " intel parallel studio XE 2016". There is one pop-up window this time, saying that A digitally signed driver is required for "PMU Arbitration Service".

I tried to update my VTune Amplifier XE to update 4 (which is available in the Intel software manager) and this time, two pop-ups windows appear saying that digitally signed driver is required for "sepdrv4_0.sys" and "socperf2_0.sys". This happened during the last step of installation (configuring visual studio...).

My Pc has Windows 10 pro 64 bites system and has visual studio2013 professional installed. I want to use visual fortran and I was wondering if it is OK for me to ignore all these errors. Do I need to uninstall   intel parallel studio XE 2016 and reinstall it ? Please help me. 




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This is Intel VTune related issue. I am moving this post to the correct forum.

Intel Developer Support

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