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Intel Inspector XE defect results in loss of SSA problem state information


We recently discovered a serious Inspector XE defect related to SSA problem state information. Problem state information will be permanently lost when you reopen an SSA result with a different Inspector XE version than was used at the last open. Furthermore, when you open a new SSA result for the first time Inspector XE automatically opens the previous result in order to inherit its state information. If the previous result was last opened by a different Inspector XE version then this implicit open will cause the state information in the previous result to be permanently lost. State information is not correctly inherited from the previous result in such cases. Losing state information is bad because it means all the effort spent investigating problems and assigning state is essentially lost.

To avoid losing state information SSA users must restrict themselves to a single Inspector XE version when dealing with SSA results for a particular project. Users that run Inspector XE inside Visual Studio cannot install more than one version of Inspector XE at a time, so this recommendation effectively means that such SSA users must not upgrade their Inspector XE version until this issue is resolved. The latest Composer XE upgrade is compatible with earlier versions of Inspector XE, so Composer XE upgrades can be applied without upgrading Inspector XE.

It is anticipated that this issue will be fixed Intel Inspector XE 2011 Product Update 7.

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