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Intel(r) Inspector XE 2013 Update 9 is now available


New for Update 9:

  • Performance and memory consumption improvements during threading error analysis, on average a 3X performance improvement and many applications that ran out of memory can now be analyzed - The Intel Inspector still finds most data race and cross-thread stack access problems. If you discover you are missing problems, use the new Use maximum resources configuration setting to return to previous behavior.
  • New suppression summary statistics when analysis is complete - Show how many suppression files and rules the Intel Inspector applied and how many problem instances it suppressed.
  • New memory consumption graph during analysis - Shows how much memory the target application plus the Intel Inspector consume during analysis.
  • Improved on-demand memory leak detection and memory growth measurement - Gathering memory leak information while an application is running is useful if:
    • An application does not terminate (such as a server process).
    • You want memory leak information, but you do not want to wait for an application to terminate.
    • You want to determine if memory is leaked during a specific interval of application execution, or during a specific user action.
    • You want to discard information about allocations performed during initialization as a way of filtering out allocations that are not currently of interest.
  • Measuring memory growth helps you ensure an application uses no more memory than expected. This includes:
    • Memory an application has allocated and still needs for future calculations
    • Memory an application has allocated and no longer needs, but has not deallocated
    • Memory an application has allocated and then leaked
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