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RDC responses very very slowly for some machines


I installed VTune Analyzer on a Windows machine, and the RDC on a Linux machine. But every time I try to create an activity, the RDC responses very very slowly. After I filled up all the data for the activity, and click the "next" button, I will have to wait several minutes before VTune goes to the next step. But after a long time waiting,the sampling or callgraph activitycan manage to finish, and the results are correctly obtained.However, if I create a Thread Profiler activity, the client won't response at all, and the RDC also hasno output.

This happens for two of our machines, while the other 4 works fine. The faulty machines are installed with Fedora Core 4, with kernel 2.6.11_1.1369_FC4smp, and the vdk drivers are downloaded from the Intel website. We also have two other machines with exactly the same setup, which works all right.

The RDC version is 7.2. And the client is 8.0.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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