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Support for Dual Core Xeon 5200 Series?


We noticed that the release notes for VTune say that Sequence 5000 processors and 5100 and 5300 series processors are supported, however, 5200 series processors are not listed.

So,we wonder whether the chips we will use VTune on (Dual Core Xeon X5260 chips) will be supported.

To find out, I made an inquiry with the Intel Software Support network as to whether VTune supports Xeon 5200 series processors. They did not know - and suggested this forum. They also suggested we try the Evaluation download. However, neither are sufficient to support our inquiry. For example if we chose to purchase VTune, initially things appearOK,and an issue crops up and it later turns out 5200 series is not supported, we would prefer not to have the problem resolved with an answer such as " sorry, your chip isnt supported. "

Can anyone confirm whether the 5200 series specifically X5260 is supported by VTune?

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As far as VTune is concerned, there is no difference between X5260 and other Core 2 Duo CPUs, except for the presence of SSE4.1 instructions which earlier models didn't have.
In the unlikely event that VTune doesn't automatically recognize it as Core 2 Duo or SSE4.1, you can select the architecture on the pull-down menu. In such a situation, you would be entitled to bug fix support.
In accordance with the suggestion you mentioned, you are entitled to a free trial. If you did encounter a difficulty during the trial period, you could ask here or by filing a support issue, in which you could request extension of the trial until it is resolved.
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