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Using VTune 8.0 for profiling kernel drivers on latest OSes


I am a new user of Vtune.

I did remember I used once under the guidance from SSG developer to profile network device drivers. However I forget all details about configurations of VTune.

I am trying to use VTune 8.0 to profile 10Giga Ethernet Device Drivers, and I need run it on Windows Server 2003/SP1 + SNP and Latest Longhorn drop (16448 and later). Does Vtune 8.0 support these latest OS versions?

The project wizard in Vtune8.014 has not listed .sys as a default support binary type and I have issues to run the profiling with drivers. Any good introduction to kernel driver profiling available online?

I am from Intel, any folk from SSG reading this post can share your email address for contact?

Thanks you,


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