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VTune 9.1 - virus false positive?

I am using Vtune 9.1 (build 210) on a XP-32 PC with a quad core i7 processor. I am attempting to do a Call Graph profile of my own program. Whenever I start the process by clicking VTune's [Run Activity] button I immediately get a warning from my AVG Resident Shield (AVG ver 10.0.1209) as follows:

If I click "Move to vault" then VTune goes on to work perfectly. The Move to vault appears to be just temporary though, because the next time I click [Run Activity] I will get the same sequence all over again, with the same filename and the same location.

AVG never complains about viruses at any other time despite me doing a very wide variety of things on my computer. This has been happening for a few days now.

Could this be a false positive? Should I worry?

EDIT: does Vtune need advapi32_c__windows_system32.dll to be running in order to work properly?

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Since old VTune Performance Analyzer use binary instrumentation on user, system module to profile data. For example, system32.dll will be copied and instrumented in Cache - it will NOT influence other application to use *normal* system32.dll. This is not a threat! Don't worry about this.

Regards, Peter
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