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VTune Amp Hotspot help.

Hello all,

I am trying to run a hotspot analysis on a program that I am obviously trying to optimize and it isn't giving me much data at all to work with. I am hopeful that someone on the forums can help me with my problem.

I attached a picture of the hotspot analysis results that I am getting. I am filtering the results to limit to my executable only.

To try and help you help me, all of our code is being generated into a dll which the main exe uses. I am running VS 2008 and VTune Amp XE 2011. I am hoping it is some option I can change in VS and/or VTune. You will probably need more information than that but I am not sure what would be useful so let me know.

Thanks for any reading and any help.

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Hi Zach,

I saw therewere many threads working in your report, but "CPU Usage"washigh only in main thread. It did mean most of works were in main thread, you may adjust workloadindifferent thread (move works in main threads to others?)

My opinion is to use Concurrency Analysis to see parallelsim(for hot functions) - our goal is that all works are balanced in different core/thread. Then use Locksandwaits Analysis to find any sync objectwhich causes threads' stall.

Final step, you can tune application in microarchitecture level - please refer to this article(although the article was for old VTune Analyzer, but events are same for i7 processors)

Regards, Peter
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