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VTune Amplifier Hotspot_Analysis reports "Failed to finalize results"


I recently installed Intel Parallel Studio XE and when I try to do Hotspot analysis on the shipped example, I get the following error message after it has successfully completed the run:-

Failed to finalize results... Please re-run the application...

Well, I have re-run the application a number of times but to no avail. What surprises me is that the Evaluation version of the Studio was working fine!

Oh, OS is Windows XP Professional and MS Visual Studio 2008 running on iMac through Parallel Virtual Machine.

Any ideas Mr Brown Belt?!
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Thank you for posting to this forum about the behavior you have experienced. Can you clarify a few things and provide additional information about the problem?

- You mentioned using the shipped example. Is it the Tachyon sample or one of the other samples?
- In the Analysis type tab if you click re-resolve, what is the behavior? Does the behavior change?
- Are you running analysis inside of Visual Studio? If you run the analysis outside of Visual Studio, does the behavior change?
- Are you running as Administrator?
- Are you able to run lightweight hotspots on the sample application?

If the behavior persists, can you:

- Provide / attach a screen shot of the error message?
- Provide the Intel VTune Amplifier XE command line being ran? You can obtain the command line from Intel VTune Amplifier GUI Analysis Summary tab > and click on the Get Command Line button.
- Run / attach the feedback report to the forum thread. This report will provide us with information about the system to further trouble shoot the root cause. To run the report from the command line:

amplxe-feedback -create-bug-report report

This will create the report file in the current directory. Make sure you can write to the current directory or specify a directory that is writable.

This information will help us trouble shoot the behavior and reduce the scope of the problem.

You may wish to make the tread reply private when attaching the feedback report to the forum.

- Rob

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Hi Rob,
1. Yes, it is the Tachyon sample. Although, I get the same failure with any other program that I've written myself. So, I don't believe the problem has anything to do with what program is being analysed.
2. I am running the analysis inside Visual Studio 2008 on Windows XP Professional 32-bit.
3. I compiled with both Visual C++ and Composer compilers. This did not make any difference.
4. I am running the analysis as Administartor.
5. The failure happens whether I do hotspot, concurrency, lightweight hotspot analyses.
6. I did not notice this behaviour in the 30-day free trial version of Parallel Studio XE installed and run on the exact same machine/OS/Visual Studio.
7. I might be completely off the mark, but it looks as though once the analysis is successfuly completed and created a trace file, the data collection process starts off immediately after and such the OS has not had chance to write the trace file completely. Because, data collection phase starts and half way through it fails unexpectedly. (This is just a complete conjecture on my part.)
8. The failure is persistent and repeatable. The error message is exactly as described in my initial posting with no other additional information. The error is as follows:-

Analysis is completed successfully.

The result file is successfully created and added to the project find_hotspots.

Failed to finalize the result.

The result you are opening is empty. This may be caused by error during the data collection. Try to re-run the analysis.

Also, the same thing happens when running Lightweight Hotspots analysis. The error message below is issued:

Collection failed

Collection failed. The data cannot be displayed.

Error: Failed to create tb6 file because 0 samples were collected.

Hope this has given you enough details to pinpoint the problem. Searching in the knowledge base, I did see that other people have had the exact problem - but as far as I could see no final resolution had been offered.


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Since no analysis types are working on any simple applications and you mentioned that this was working before, I suspect that there may be either an incomplete installation or a situation where multiple installations are conflicting with each other. Another possibility may be that there was some other change / update to the system that is causing a conflict or missing or corrupt element.

I am assuming that this is not a virtualized system or other such configuration but a normal set up. Let me know if this is not the case.

Are you able to run an analysis of any application outside of Visual Studio. First attempt to run an analysis using the stand alone GUI for Amplifier as an example. Another test, just in case, is to run an analysis from the command prompt and not within Visual Studio. Let me know if the behavior is different.

The feedback report as previously described may tell us a bit more about what might be going on. Another method may be to check the install logs if available.

1) In the %TEMP% directory (like C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Temp) there should be installation log files. They contain _install.log in file name (like amplifier_install.log). Please zip them into an archive and attach.

2) In %TEMP% directory there should be the following files, please zip them too:

Another option may be to attempt an uninstall and reinstall of the product to see if the behavior changes.


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Hi Rob,

Below is the content of my C:\Program Files\Intel. There seems to be 2 of everything. I had installed the evaluation version (30-day trial). I believe I installed it correctly. Then I installed the licensed version. So, if you think this is the root cause of the problem, how do I safely uninstall the unwanted version? Which one should I be uninstalling and how? The drop down menu from the Apps do not give me the option to uninstall.

Also, as I mentioned before, I am running this under a virtual machine (Parallel on iMac) with Windows XP Professional. But this did not seem to adversely affect the trial version.

Just one other thing, do I not get one year Intel Premier Support with this product as is indicated in the brochures?

Volume in drive C has no label.

Volume Serial Number is F057-6309

Directory of C:\Program Files\Intel

30/09/2011 22:25


30/09/2011 22:25


22/09/2011 23:18

Composer XE

22/09/2011 23:38

Composer XE 2011 SP1

22/09/2011 23:44


30/09/2011 22:25 0 content

22/09/2011 23:45


22/09/2011 23:22 Inspector XE

22/09/2011 23:22

Inspector XE 2011

22/09/2011 23:23


23/09/2011 00:02


23/09/2011 00:03

Parallel Studio 2011

22/09/2011 23:07

Parallel Studio XE 2011

22/09/2011 23:47

Trace Analyzer and Collector

22/09/2011 23:24 VTune Amplifier XE

22/09/2011 23:24

VTune Amplifier XE 2011

1 File(s) 0 bytes

15 Dir(s) 95,497,949,184 bytes free

Kind regards,

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At this point I am not certain the cause of the behavior. Running in a virtual environment on a MAC may be problematic. The release notes for the product outline supported operating system and environments. Typically, to uninstall the product, one would use the Windows uninstaller via the Windows Control Panel.

To trouble shoot this further, we need to look at the feedback report and other logging as described in the prior post. If you can provide that , we can see what might be occurring. Since you have a current license for the product, you may wish to open a Premier support case. However, you can also attach to the forum, but make the post private if you wish the attachments to be private.

In regards to Premier support we may need to know more about the purchase which we would want to do only in a private forum. In this case, you can make the forum private. When you purchased the license, you should have received an email with your serial number. Typically the subject of the email is similar to Thank you for purchasing the followed by the product name. In that email, there are instructions about how to register your product and also obtain access to Premier technical support

If you have questions, concerns, need assistance opening a Premier support case, etc., let me know.


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