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VTune Amplifier support for various platforms



Currently we are using VTune Amplifier XE 2017 to debug linux userspace applications.

I'm checking the possibility of extending it's use to several other platforms

  • Linux driver - Instrumented kernel based on 2.6.18
  • Arm 32-bit platforms - Instrumented kernel based on 3.10.20 (I Understood that currently 64-bit is not supported)
  • Windows userspace applications - Windows 7/8/10.

Can you specify if we should encounter any issues migrating to this platform? Do you need any more information?
Do I need anything else other than VTune license?
Do you have a documentation that explain me how to handle the above? Where can I find the relevant drivers and download them? I have access Intel Business portal if it is relevant...


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I’m glad you asked!  We are making changes to make it easier for VTune™ Amplifier XE users who collect data for servers to analyze the results on their laptop that runs a different OS.  This will also help with your desire to use your Linux license for VTune Amplifier to tune Windows.

Coming soon in 2017 update 2, VTune™ Amplifier XE licenses with current support will be able to optionally download additional OS versions from the registration center.  All supported operating systems will be available.  So, for example, you can download the Windows version of VTune Amplifier even if you have a Linux license.  You can then use the Windows version to analyze results you’ve collected on Linux or to collect and analyze data on Windows.  Your existing license will work if the support date is valid, but you will need update 2 or newer.  

Note that VTune Amplifier does not support ARM processors.  You can find the list of supported systems in the Release Notes.

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Just to double check, in the latest 2019 parallel studio, is it possible to collect profiling data from an ARM (either 32 or 64 bit) target, and display and analyze it on linux? I'm not just asking about vtune, but about any tool in the suite.

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