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VTune(XScale)analyser for Pocket PC 2003


I am using VTune 7.2 to analyze code in Pocket PC 2003 (Windows Mobile 2003).
I installed the Data Collector in Pocket PC.
I have collected time based samples and trying to analyze it. Sampling duration is around 50 seconds.

My application has a EXE and few DLLs.


1. Is Call Graph analysis possible for this remotely collected data?
I couldn't see this option during the settings. Only HotSpot analysis option is available.
If it is available, How do I enable it? and do I build the EXE and DLLs with debug info and try?

2. The sampling analysis shows NK.EXE(kernel) and Filesys.exe(file systems) were used heavily(over 40% of sampling hits).
My code does use them a lot(encryption and decryption of e-mails, calendars, files etc.).
But how do we go about analyzing the software in this case?
(Just 5% of the sampling is in my EXE and DLLs. The rest is in NK.exe, Filesys.exe, Coredll.dll, gwes.exe etc.)

3. Is it possible to use Tuning Assistant for these remotely collected Data? (It says it has no assistance for this context)

4. VTune provides some APIs for Pausing and Resuming sampling for better sampling control.
But I couldn't link this library "VtuneApi.lib" in eVC 4.0 environment. It links under MS-Visual C++ 6.0 though.
Is possible to use these APIs in embedded environment?

I really appreciate the answers.

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1. No. Call graph is not supported on any XScale processor operating systems.
2. Basically, try to minimize your use of the kernel or use different (i.e. more efficient) APIs. Is your app multi-threaded? If not, can you rewrite it so that it is and overlap some of the processing?
3. No. The Intel Tuning Assistant does not havea knowledgebase for the XScale processors.
4. Again, not available in this remote environment. Sorry.
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