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Where can I download a copy of the VTune analyzer software to work with my Linux applications?

You can download a copy of any member of the family of VTune Performance Analyzer products (for either purchase or evaluation) by going to this URL:

There, you can choose the appropriate link for the product you are interested in (Either VTune analyzer 7.0 or VTune analyzer for Linux, both of which support Linux applications), and then either "Buy Now" or "Free Evaluation Download."

Note: If you download VTune analyzer 7.0, be sure to download the software to a Windows workstation even if you intend to do analysis on Linux software. First, you install the Windows VTune GUI. Then, you can install the Linux Remote Agents (that come with that download) on your Linux server. The two systems must be connected by TCP/IP, and both are needed to optimize your Linux applications.

You can also learn about the VTune Enterprise products at the same URL.
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