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vtune xe 2011 on Fedora 11: Summarypane errors

Hi list,
I just started using vtune Amplifier XE 2011 (non-commercial version, build 128765) on a gcc 4.4.0 binary, compiled with -g, on a Fedora 11 system. The code itself does not use any intel library. The problem is that in all of the analysis types, I am not able to get the summary tab to show anything for the hardware issues viewpoint. When I click the summary tab, In the debug window, I get messages of this kind:

Error: summarypane: Expression parsing error for query 'InstructionStarvation'. No database entries for 'countQuery(id='PMUEventCount')/infoQuery(id='PMUEventType')[CYCLES_L1I_MEM_STALLED]',

This occurs for a bunch of events. I also get errors of this kind:
Error: Invalid format ". Using default value:'time'.
Error: Invalid format 'number'. Using default value:'count'.

and the summary window itself goes blank.

I assume the data collection is going through, but it is failing only on the display of the data. Any ideas on how to fix this would be highly appreciated...

Thanks and regards,
-- Peeyush
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Can you let me know the Intel VTune Amplifier XE command line that is being ran. If you are using the GUI to start Amplifier, you can obtain the command that is ran by clicking on the Get command line located in the lower right hand corner of the Intel VTune Amplifier XE GUI.

Also, can you let me know the processor make and model where you are running and analyzing your application?

Does this behavior occur when analyzing other application? Are you able to successfully analyze for example on of the Amplifier sample application like Tachyon?

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