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How to identify which USB blaster is connected to which board when there are multiple boards with same hardware and working remotely using RDC



My hardware setup has four same application boards with same FPGA devices (MAX10-50) and all boards are connected with USB baster on the server.

All board have it's own functionality and have different RTL code base.

I am working remotely using remote desktop connection and want to test and debug all four four board functionality using with its own respective STP files.


During setup the hardware with server, I was forgot to check the which board is connected to which USB blaster and now it is not possible for anyone reach at setup place and not possible to visually identify the USB blaster No. by verifying blaster LEDs by JTAG chain auto detect feature.


Can anyone help me on how I can identify which blaster is connected to which board without anyone human support. Or is there any way like we can get device ID of individual board etc..




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Hi Dipenkumar,


I would recommend to use this unique chip ID IP. You may distinguish different MAX 10 with this unique ID.