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Synthesis not working after update to OPAE 1.3

Info (16678): Successfully loaded final database: elapsed time is 00:00:17 Info (18936): Using revision output_files/dcp.green_region.pmsf as a baseline for afu_fit.green_region mask verification Internal Error: Sub-system: PGMIO, File: /quartus/h/pgmio_pof2_sys.h, Line: 194 ERROR IN READING unknown_tag 64 Stack Trace:   0x4db669: POF_READER::parse(FIO_PATH const&, char const*) + 0x509 (pgm_pgmio) 0x4db8db: PGMIO_POF2_PARSER::read_raw_sof(FIO_PATH const&, PGMIO_IPOF2_LISTENER&, char const*) + 0x18b (pgm_pgmio) 0x4dbbc5: PGMIO_POF2_IO::read_pmsf(FIO_PATH const&, PGMIO_IPOF2_METADATA&, PGMIO_IPOF2_DATA&, PGMIO_IPOF2_MASK&, PGMIO_IPOF2_LEGACY*) + 0x85 (pgm_pgmio) 0x62517: ASM2_PR_REGION::read_pmsf(ASM2_ITYPE_DEVICE&, FIO_PATH const&) + 0x7d (comp_asm2) 0x6fc1f: ASM2_PR_MASKS_ANALYZER::verify_region_mask(ASM2_IDEVICE&, ASM2_IPR_REGION&, std::string const&, FIO_PATH&) + 0x323 (comp_asm2) 0x700a0: ASM2_PR_MASKS_ANALYZER::verify_regions(ASM2_IDEVICE&, ASM2_IPARTITIONS const&) + 0x23c (comp_asm2) 0x5ef27: ASM2_PR_ASSEMBLE::verify_regions(ASM2_IDEVICE&, ASM2_IPR_PARTITIONS const&, ASM2_IREGIONS_ANALYZER&) + 0x5d (comp_asm2) 0x606b2: ASM2_PR_ASSEMBLE::assemble(DBCM_CHIP const&, DBCM_DEVICE const&, ASM2_IDEVICE&, ASM2_IPARTITIONS const&, ASM2_IBIT_LISTENER::IMASKS*) + 0x262 (comp_asm2) 0x220bc: ASM2_INSTANCE::assemble_to_bits(ASM2_ICHIP&, ASM2_IDEVICE&) + 0x6d0 (comp_asm2) 0x3f20d: ASM2_STATE::device_assemble(int) + 0x8b (comp_asm2) 0x36f8dd: asm_assemble_asmm(CMP_FACADE*, CDB_CHIP_DB_ENTRY*, ASM_OPTIONS*, ASM_PGM_OPTION_DATA*, unsigned int, DEV_FAMILY_ENUM, DEV_FAMILY_ENUM, DEV_PART_MANAGER*) + 0x1780 (comp_asm) 0x29f7d1: asm_assemble(CMP_FACADE*, unsigned int, bool&, FIO_PATH const&) + 0x83b (comp_asm) 0x408c75: QASM_FRAMEWORK::execute() + 0xcd (quartus_asm) 0x1ad86: qexe_standard_main(QEXE_FRAMEWORK*, QEXE_OPTION_DEFINITION const**, int, char const**) + 0x6a7 (comp_qexe) 0x40abf3: qasm_main(int, char const**) + 0xa5 (quartus_asm) 0x3f160: msg_main_thread(void*) + 0x10 (ccl_msg) 0x5b4c: thr_final_wrapper + 0xc (ccl_thr) 0x3f21f: msg_thread_wrapper(void* (*)(void*), void*) + 0x62 (ccl_msg) 0xac5c: mem_thread_wrapper(void* (*)(void*), void*) + 0x5c (ccl_mem) 0x8b49: err_thread_wrapper(void* (*)(void*), void*) + 0x27 (ccl_err) 0x5b8f: thr_thread_wrapper + 0x15 (ccl_thr) 0x41b11: msg_exe_main(int, char const**, int (*)(int, char const**)) + 0xb2 (ccl_msg) 0x40c988: main + 0x26 (quartus_asm) 0x21b97: __libc_start_main + 0xe7 (c)     End-trace

the output of:

quartus_asm --read_settings_files=on --write_settings_files=off dcp -c afu_fit

during the execution of:


Everything else succeeds, but somehow assembler fails at the end. Can anyone, please, help me solve this?



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Patching Quartus with patch 1.38 that comes with Acceleration Stack 1.2 solved it.

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Patching Quartus with patch 1.38 that comes with Acceleration Stack 1.2 solved it.