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'aocl program ...' cause system lockdown on Intel PAC D5005 with OpenCL

Hi, all.


Problem scenario:


1) After cold reboot, FPGA is uninitialized.

$ aocl diagnose ... Physical Dev Name Status Information pac_ec00000 Uninitialized ...

2) Program arbitrary bitstream. (e.g., vector add) It always succeeds.

$ aocl program acl0 $OPAE_PLATFORM_ROOT/opencl/vector_add.aocx ... SUCCESS ... $ $OPAE_PLATFORM_ROOT/opencl/exm_opencl_vector_add_x64_linux/vector_add/bin/host ... PASSED ...

3) Program another bitstream. (e.g., hello_world) Now, the whole system stops(ssh disconnects, tty dies, ...) and automatically reboots after minutes.

$ aocl program acl0 $OPAE_PLATFORM_ROOT/opencl/hello_world.aocx (system dies)

4) Although the system dies, bitstream seems to be successfully programmed. I can run hello_world application without partial reconfiguration time (several seconds).


My guess: During partial reconfiguration, FPGA emits wrong signal (or jams) on PCIe bus, causing system down. Any solution to this?

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