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Attention DC: Watch the PDT (Public Displays of Technology)

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I'm sure that no one in DC's policy world has an obsession with checking their mobile devices. Right?

A recent survey commissioned by Intel found that nine out of ten American adults claim they have seen people misuse mobile technology, and 75 percent say mobile manners are becoming worse compared to just 1 year ago. With so many small and powerful mobile devices on the market, people can now take their mobile devices with them wherever they go, making it easy to commit "public displays of technology" or (PDT). The survey revealed that U.S. adults see an average of five mobile offenses every day. The top mobile etiquette gripes are the use of mobile devices while driving (73 percent), talking on a device loudly in public places (65 percent), and using a mobile device while walking on the street (28 percent).

mobile-thumb-380x260As the innovator behind the processors, or “brains,” and complementary technologies that power many of today's mobile devices, Intel is tapping its team of social scientists, anthropologists, psychologists and industrial designers to provide a glimpse into how people use, will use or would like to use technology, including mobile devices, well into the future, across different cultures.

It's hard to believe that it was only eight years ago was when Intel integrated WiFi into the computer with our Intel Centrino processor technology, thus enabling the unwired laptop. Look at what has happened since.

So DC tech policy geeks, take note of the survey's findings and be careful to limit your PDT.