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Balanced agreement met on high-skilled visa proposal

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Today, Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee have brought American companies one step closer to accessing a more competitive workforce, by adopting a set of amendments offered by Senator Orrin Hatch to the Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013 and moving the bill forward.

Intel fully supports these amendments and applauds the Committee for making these common-sense improvements to address how employers use the H-1B system. The amendments by Senator Hatch require that employers make every effort to hire U.S. workers before relying on foreign talent but ensure they will be able to use the H-1B system, achieving an important balance of U.S. worker protection and access to the high-skilled visa system.

This bill is encouraging for advanced U.S. manufactures like Intel, for the prospect that America will continue to lead the world in innovation, and for our nation’s economy. We encourage the Senate Judiciary Committee to approve the bill.