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Christoph Legutko

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Christoph LegutkoChristoph Legutko is wireless standards and regulations manager for Intel Corporation in Germany. Christoph is responsible for global public policy in the German speaking and Central East European countries, and represents Intel at the International Telecommunication Union, the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations’ Electronic Communications Committee and other regulatory and industrial bodies.

Before joining Intel in 2006, Christoph held a number of roles at Siemens. Most recently, he was responsible for frequency policy issues for the mobile products sector of Siemens Communications. Earlier in his career, he focused on the developing markets for computing and telecommunication investment goods and set up sales organizations to introduce IT software and telecommunication hardware systems into international markets. Initially, he developed I/O processors for main frame computers and a RISC CPU for Siemens.

Christoph studied at the Mining and Metallurgical Academy in Krakow, Poland, and earned a master’s degree in electronics engineering in 1981.