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Congressman Honda re-introduces legislation to accelerate health and wellness

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By Alice Borrelli, Director, Global Healthcare Policy

Congressman Honda’s Health Care Innovation and Marketplace Technologies Act   fosters further innovation and entrepreneurship in the health information technology sector through:

  • Loaning providers funds to implement non-EHR health related technologies, and to buy services to optimize their use (and value from) technologies that they’ve purchased and  


  • Instituting a Challenge grant for developers to offer new solutions for speeding care  anywhere, no matter the  location, that  will evolve new ideas, and spawn new businesses.

Congressman Honda is taking a comprehensive view of the value of Health IT and how the many different solutions ranging from telehealth to physician tablets to portable EKG’s are  giving clinicians, patients and caregivers new tools to impact our health at reduced costs.

While the bulk of health care is delivered in hospitals and clinics, today’s acute care-centered system is ultimately unsustainable.  Congressman Honda’s bill incorporates the use of technology and incentives to developers for creating a U.S. approach that opens the field to faster development of more personalized and decentralized care. 

We applaud the Congressman’s leadership in advancing better health and better health systems. 


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