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Day 2 of Intel India’s All.ai Summit: Population Scale Healthcare and a Guinness World Records™ is Set

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ai2020-2x1-1.jpgBy Anantha Shanmugam, Director of Government Affairs and Public Policy, Intel India and Shweta Khurana, APJ Director, Global Partnerships & Initiatives Group, Intel 

Following Monday’s successful kick-off, Day 2 of Intel India’s All.ai Summit focused on developing and implementing AI solutions for healthcare at population scale. With an estimated 2020 population of more than 1.38 billion (second only to China), India faces significant logistical and interoperability challenges when implementing any technological solution across its many states and vast population; but this challenge also poses a significant opportunity: to solve difficult problems at a scale large enough for the solution to be applicable worldwide.

Today, healthcare industry leaders, CEOs and doctors came together to discuss how population scale AI solutions can benefit health initiatives at both the macro and micro level. In our session on reimagining healthcare, speakers focused on understanding healthcare delivery and systems that exist today, establishing best practices for health data projects using AI, and exploring how India’s National Digital Health Mission can improve care by integrating health infrastructure and leveraging population scale data sets. As the National Digital Health Mission is putting together a nationwide digital healthcare backbone from ground up, it provides a once in a lifetime opportunity for India to build a state-of-the-art unified national healthcare platform that is devoid of any legacy issues. This will enable a very vibrant healthcare start up eco-system too.

Other sessions focused on the potential for those population scale data sets and AI solutions to transform healthcare as we know it. India presents a unique combination of size, diversity & open collaborative environment that is conducive to putting together datasets that can truly be used to solve population scale challenges.

We look forward to seeing how healthcare innovators leverage AI to change the industry in the years to come.

IMG-20201014-WA0055.jpgWe also kicked-off, our day 1 of the AI for Youth Virtual Symposium – as part of the ALL.AI 2020 Virtual Summit. The first day of the symposium saw an attendance of 59,670 users from 10 countries who spent time browsing through keynotes, hearing Intel experts on AI, IOT, 5G, Privacy & Security and visiting the showcase area where youth are sharing 15 AI social impact projects. We also initiated an official attempt to set a Guinness World Records™ Title for most users to take an online artificial intelligence (AI) lesson in 24 hours. Today, at 2:59pm India Time, we are excited to announce that this record was set!

In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates from the All.ai summit throughout this week.