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Dmitry Laryushin

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Dmitry LaryushinDmitry Laryushin is a senior software engineer for Intel Corporation based in Russia. Dmitry’s current charter is to achieve optimal regulatory conditions and smooth market entry for Intel’s products by working with government agencies, standards bodies and fellow travelers. He focuses on wireless products, security and encryption, consumer electronics and energy efficiency regulations and standards to pave the way for Intel’s future growth. He also helps drive Intel’s agenda through international standards organizations.

Dmirty was a member of the Intel Sales and Marketing Group’s Business Canalization Office in Russia, which was chartered to expand Intel’s business and technology initiatives in the region. He has also managed research and development projects and teams related to Intel WiFi and WiMAX wireless products. He originally joined Intel in 2000 to work on the company’s digital signal processing products. Prior to joining Intel, Dmitry managed research and development projects for a Russian technology company.

Dmitry holds a Ph.D. in quantum radio-physics and a master’s degree in physics and mathematics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.