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European Data Protection Days in Berlin

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By Paula J. Bruening, Senior Counsel, Global Privacy Policy, Intel

5th European Data Protection Days 2015 (P1106669)
Last week, data protection authorities, privacy experts, companies and advocates met in Berlin for European Data Protection Days 2015. Against the backdrop of VE-Day commemorations and the remains of the Berlin Wall, discussion focused on wide ranging questions related to privacy, government surveillance, and free expression. I was privileged to have the opportunity to talk about Intel’s vision for data protection in the context of big data and to highlight the importance of privacy – not as a value to trade or balance, but as an enabler of innovation. Realizing the full range of benefits big data promises requires that we rethink how we apply traditional fair information practices, but it demands more – that companies take privacy into consideration all throughout the design process; that they be accountable for the decisions they make about data use; and that they consider not only the legality, but the ethics of analytic processing.  By taking these steps, companies can unleash the power of big data for good, and protect cherished privacy values that enable us to express and realize our best selves. An abstract of my remarks can be found here: European Privacy Days abstract.