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From the International CES show floor: Talk about Rock Stars

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brianhuseman.jpgWritten by Brian Huseman, Intel senior attorney and manager of Global Public Policy

I had the opportunity this week to attend the International Consumer Electronics Show. Although I've been to CES before, I am amazed each time at the tremendous amount of technological innovation and competitiveness that exists in the marketplace. Wandering the show floor, you constantly encounter products offering new features, better speeds and lower prices. I'm constantly getting lost trying to navigate between robotics, phone cases and 3-D gaming technology.

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Working in Intel's Washington, DC office, I sometimes feel removed from the company's technology. At Intel's CES booth, I found myself learning about some of our company's innovative new products from some of my most forward thinking colleagues. For example, Intel's laptop anti-theft technology allows a business to remotely deactivate a laptop that has been reported stolen. The Intel Health Guide allows for in-home remote patient monitoring, which should allow for better health care and reduced medical costs. And the speed and processing power of Intel's chips keep on getting faster and faster (and cheaper and cheaper), allowing for all sorts of new products and features that can take advantage of that power.

As someone working in public policy on the East Coast, there is no substitute for seeing the technology in person. I'm pleased that a number of congressional and federal agency staffers are able to do the same.

FCC Commissioner Clyburn visited Intel's booth to hear the latest in WiMax technology.

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