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Global Industry Associations Speak Collectively on Cyberspace Policy

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By Audrey Plonk, global security and Internet policy specialist at Intel

Despite turmoil in Washington and a reduced US Government presence, the global cyber community will convene in Seoul, South Korea tomorrow at the third annual international conference on cyberspace issues.   The South Korean government has run an impressive process that has included six preparatory workshops and a conference with a world-class agenda and a host of interesting attendees from 93 countries, the private sector, academia and civil society.  Intel is honored to have actively participated in the preparatory process and to be participating in the conference. 

Perhaps one of the biggest differences between this conference and its predecessors is the release of a document from five global ICT trade associations contributing to the conference.  In an environment where industry often seems divided, it’s encouraging to see the American, European, Japanese and Korean industry coalesce around policy approaches. 

The paper –  Moving Forward Together: Recommended Industry and Government Approaches for the Continued Growth and Security of Cyberspace  -- mirrors the six main themes of the conference:

  1. Economic Growth and Development

  2. Social and Cultural Benefits

  3. Cybersecurity

  4. International Security

  5. Cybercrime

  6. Capacity Building 

I love this approach because it puts security in the context of the larger reality in which we live our digital lives.  It recognizes that the economics and social benefits of technology are deeply engrained in our society without minimizing the challenges that security in the digital age presents.  It also recognizes that our security is inherently international and globally interdependent and that building capacity - both on technical and policy matters – is the key to advancing through this and future eras of computing.  

The goal of the Cyberspace Conferences is to encourage dialog among all the stakeholders. The South Korean government has been very successful in its endeavor to include industry in the dialogue around critical issues of cyberspace and cybersecurity.  Hopefully, this statement is the beginning of the dialogue through which global industry steps up and leads on shaping the cyberspace environment of the future.
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