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How Collaboration Fuels Change: Intel’s Alliance for Global Inclusion

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By Norberto Salinas, Director, Global Workforce Policy, Intel

Salinas-Headshot-1.jpg Norberto Salinas, Intel

2020 was a major turning point for our society in many ways, including how we think about and approach diversity and inclusion (D&I) in corporate spheres. In recognition of this and to display his commitment to D&I, President Biden issued an Executive Order on Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government on his first day in office. The Executive Order included provisions for reinstating diversity and sensitivity trainings; extending protections to LGBT+, AAPI and indigenous communities; and creating a new data working group, the first federal interagency working group, devoted to studying equity.

As a leader in corporate responsibility, Intel had already been at work to increase our D&I efforts before the Executive Order was issued. We made inclusivity one of the key pillars of our 2030 RISE strategy and goals, our ten-year corporate plan to raise the inclusivity bar — not just for ourselves but also for other companies in the tech industry. As part of this effort, we launched a global inclusion index survey to determine and track the status of D&I programs at 13 major companies.

When seen together, the data from this survey serves as a benchmark for participants and other interested companies to chart their success, gauge improvements and learn from best practices implemented around the world. It can also help identify opportunities to improve D&I efforts and outcomes across industries. At Intel, we saw the potential of this wealth of data to do even more than track and benchmark progress. We saw it as an opportunity to bring industry together with common goals.

Now, almost seven months after launching the inclusion index survey, Intel is announcing a bold new initiative: the Alliance for Global Inclusion. In partnership with Snap Inc., Nasdaq, NTT Data and Dell Technologies, Intel has formed this industry coalition to further shared D&I goals in four key areas: diverse leadership representation, inclusive language, inclusive product development and STEM readiness in underserved communities, including equitable access to education and support services. By working together, members of the Alliance can share responsibilities, hold each other accountable, define a consistent system of measurement and accelerate adoption of inclusive business practices.

One of the keys of this Alliance is transparency. Clear communication about goals, metrics and successes. Open and accessible data via the coalition’s inclusion index, to be released biannually. Plus, a standing invitation to other companies and organizations to join the coalition or partner with Alliance members. Any company can join the coalition. Each member will send a Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer (CDIO) or equivalent to participate in twice yearly meetings to track progress toward our goals. Additionally, each member will empower employee-led working groups to contribute to this effort, drive employee engagement and hold members accountable.

This collaborative and self-reflective work on the part of companies in the private sector mirrors President Biden’s call in the Executive Order for federal agencies to conduct assessments of any internal processes and procedures that might be creating barriers for D&I efforts. Moving forward, we hope to continue to drive change within the private sector by adding new members, evolving our goals and strategies, and collaborating on long-term solutions to the issues that we face, both in our industry and in society as a whole. At Intel, we believe there is strength in the collective, and the partnerships we forge have the potential to accelerate our global impact and create a better future. We are committed to this process and to fostering inclusive environments in every aspect of the tech landscape — from the STEM classroom to the diverse boardroom. Join us.