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Industry and Government Come Together for Technology Advancement

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BK in AlbanyBy Brian Krzanich, senior vice president and general manager of Manufacturing and Supply Chain for Intel Corporation

Today, I was in New York State to help announce a significant development in the advancement of our manufacturing process. Together with industry partners and the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, Intel announced the creation of G450C, a consortium which aims to accelerate the advancement of 450mm wafers.

The transition to 450mm requires unprecedented industry-wide collaboration between device makers, consortia and the equipment and materials industries. This is necessary and exciting for the future of Intel manufacturing.

A move to 450mm enables the progression of Moore’s Law economics, which provides benefits at every level of the semiconductor value chain. Transitioning to 450mm means producing more than twice the number of die processed on today’s 300mm wafers, thus lowering the cost per die and substantially reducing our per chip environmental footprint. We reduced aggregate emissions by 43% during the last wafer size transition and the transition to 450mm provides a similar opportunity.

The G450C consortium announced today establishes a joint cooperative program to conduct research into deploying test lines to facilitate the industry wide transition of 300mm wafers to 450mm wafers. Founding Members of the G450C consortium will be Intel, Samsung, TSMC, Global Foundries and IBM. The scope of this program will include the establishment and operation of a state of the art cleanroom and associated infrastructure to demonstrate and deploy 450mm wafer equipment and collateral technologies.

The combined funding commitments by all parties of the G450C is at least $575M; and supporting the creation of at least 350 jobs in the Albany area. We continue to maintain three quarters of our R&D in the U.S. and are proud that this new consortium site will further innovation in New York.

We appreciate all government officials and others who have worked with Intel and its Consortium partners to make the 450 project a reality, including the Governor, his senior staff, Speaker Silver, CNSE management, Senator Schumer and Senator Gillibrand.
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