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Intel Applauds FCC’s National Broadband Plan

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margie-dickmanBy Margie Dickman, Senior Policy Counsel at Intel

Intel -- along with the rest of the ICT industry -- eagerly awaited the release of the U.S. National Broadband Plan at the FCC's Open Meeting this morning.

Actually, the agency has been slowly previewing key sections of the Plan in speeches and other events over the last couple weeks ... released the executive summary yesterday ... and then the full text shortly before its public meeting this morning.

So, if you are a very quick reader, then perhaps you absorbed all 376 pages (!) before the meeting started. If you're like me, it will take a few days to fully digest those details.

That being said, in light of the FCC's multiple preview events over recent weeks, the public had a good idea of what the Plan would entail.

Intel -- which strongly believes in the transformative potential of widespread, high-quality, affordable broadband for a nation and its citizens -- released a statement this afternoon commending the FCC for its hard work and recognizing key elements of the Plan: NatBrdbndRls.pdf

One small (actually pretty large) step for the FCC ... one giant leap for the U.S.? Time and implementation will tell, but I am optimistic. It should be an exciting year(s) ahead in the broadband and ICT sector.

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