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Intel Commits to Helping Internet Users “Lock Down Your Login”

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By Paula Bruening, Senior Counsel for Global Privacy Policy  

As we begin National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Intel is pleased to announce its commitment to the National Cyber Security Alliance’s “Lock Down Your Login” Internet safety and security initiative.  The campaign, which was first announced by the White House in February, calls for all Americans to move beyond traditional username and password protections to better secure the important information in their email, banking, and social media accounts.

No security measure is foolproof, but a few easy steps – such as verifying identity via biometrics like voice, facial recognition, fingerprint or iris-scan or by using a onetime code through a mobile phone app – can make it more difficult for hackers to access critical information and disrupt our digital lives.

“Lock Down Your Login” provides consumers with information ranging from what strong authentication is, why it is important, and how it is implemented.  FAQs provide details about the goals of the campaign, the limitations of traditional usernames and passwords, what kinds of information is collected and used to support authentication.

Intel is taking its own steps to address this issue. It has committed to work with the National Cyber Security Alliance and its member organizations to bring easy and actionable digital security education to consumers through engaging content. We support the call for stronger authentication by reaching out to users on social media and motivating them to take action by making digital security understandable and user-friendly.

True Key™ by Intel Security, a multifactor password manager, is a product offering that can provide users with real support in this effort.  It secures passwords, ensures that they can only be accessed with unique-to-you factors like face and fingerprints, and logs users in online.  Consumers can download this free app at www.truekey.com  -- an easy way to enhance safety online.

Some of the most fundamental aspects of our daily lives happen now online.  We are all responsible for securing the information we share and store there.  NCSA’s “Lockdown Your Login” is an important resource that can help all of us do our part to make the online environment a safe one.