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Intel Signs Two New Amicus Briefs in Support of Lawful Immigration

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thumbnail-copy.jpgThis post was updated on 11/22/2017 to reflect the addition of a second brief.

Today Intel signed a new amicus brief along with other companies in support of the request of the International Refugee Assistance Project to affirm the decisions of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals concerning the Entry Ban Executive Order. As a company co-founded by an immigrant who came to the US as a refugee, Intel continues to support lawful immigration that enables people from around the world to bring their talent, energy and creativity to the United States. Lawful immigration facilitates the mobility of our global workforce and enables us to hire qualified foreign nationals where we experience a shortage of qualified and/or available US Workers.  We recognize the importance of national security and effective screening mechanisms to promote public safety, and we believe that a balance can be struck to maintain effective security measures while still facilitating global movement through lawful immigration procedures.

A previous amicus brief we signed on behalf of this case is here.

Update: On November 22, 2017, Intel also signed a different amicus brief regarding the Entry Ban Executive Order, in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, in support of the state of Hawaii.