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Intel Stands with Arizona Business in Support of the City of Phoenix’s Anti-discrimination Ordinance

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thumbnail-copy.jpgThis week, Intel joined other Arizona businesses and business organizations signing an amicus brief to the Arizona Court of Appeals, supporting Phoenix’s antidiscrimination ordinance (Phoenix City Code Section 18-4(B)) which, among other things, prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

The Arizona signatories share core values of equality, respect and dignity for all people, regardless of their sexual orientation and believe that building and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace is essential to the success of their companies and organizations. The City of Phoenix’s antidiscrimination ordinance makes clear to current and prospective employees, customers, investors and business partners that Phoenix is an open, inclusive and welcoming community that does not tolerate discrimination in the provision of goods and services in the marketplace.

Intel has a track record voicing our belief that a more inclusive workforce makes us a stronger company, and that our impact on people’s lives around the world is a direct result of our diverse employees. We have previously expressed support for comprehensive federal LGBT non-discrimination legislation, and more recently, in support of the Human Rights Campaign’s amicus brief supporting a transgender student in Virginia and in opposition to Texas bills HB 3859 and SB2078.