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Intel Supports CONNECT for Health Making Chronic Disease Patients' Lives Better

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By Alice Borrelli, Global Healthcare Director

Tomorrow, Senate and House champions for remote care will take an important step toward making the lives of chronic disease patients better through the introduction of the CONNECT for Health legislation. Working with providers for chronic disease patients in a wide range of settings, we have seen connected care keep patients out of hospitals and emergency rooms for unnecessary visits. By delivering clinically approved educational information to patients in an immediate response to their recorded vital signs, patients are empowered to change their behavior toward a healthier lifestyle and sustained wellness. For example, Care Innovations (an Intel -GE joint venture) participated with Ascension Health’s St. Vincent’s Hospital in a Beacon Community grant where a 75% reduction in readmission rates for patients with chronic disease was documented. Today, Care Innovations has an ongoing program with the University of Mississippi Medical Center, designed to measure the impact of connecting rural diabetics to chronic care managers utilizing a remote care management solution. Initial results show a cost savings of over $334,000 for the first 100 enrolled patients.  Total projected Medicaid savings for the State of Mississippi are $189 million annually.

Intel supports the thoughtful approach by Senators Schatz, Wicker, Cochran, Thune, Cardin and Warner and Representatives Black, Harper and Welch have taken over the last year to develop a legislation that will expand access for patients while reducing unnecessary expenses. We consider the CONNECT for Health legislation to be the model for chronic care improvements through remote care.