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Intel and Council of Europe Promote Human Rights in Digital Technologies

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By Jeff Rittener, Chief Government Affairs Officer


On February 6th, Intel finalized an exchange of letters with the Council of Europe aimed at enhancing cooperation to promote respect for human rights in the field of digital technologies. The formal announcement was made in Strasbourg and will be followed by a series of policy discussions and workstreams with the private sector in 2020 and beyond.

The Council of Europe is driving a multi-stakeholder debate on the impact of technology on human rights, democracy and rule of law. Intel supports public policy initiatives that promote trust in new technologies and encourages approaches by governments combining citizens’ protection with innovation. Technology users expect companies to be innovative, but also to be ethical, secure and respectful of privacy.

This collaboration represents an opportunity for Intel to share views on future directions of technology as well as fifty years-experience in powering the digital world. With the growing adoption of new technologies like artificial intelligence, connected cars and 5G, there is tremendous potential for applications that will improve people’s lives. But potential risks or unintended consequences of the use of technologies also need to be studied.

I am very proud of Intel’s longstanding commitment to environmental sustainability, supply chain responsibility, social impact, privacy, safety, diversity and inclusion. Our company recently updated its human rights principles to be ready to address the challenges of the modern digital society.

We know that Intel success is predicated on the continuing trust that citizens and businesses place in us and our innovative technologies, and we endeavor to earn that trust every day. We are looking forward to working more closely with the Council of Europe to continue fostering innovation while ensuring respect for human rights.

For more information see the Council of Europe press release.