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Intel files “Friend of the Court” Brief at the United States Supreme Court in the patent case, TC Heartland LLC vs Kraft Food Brands LLC

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thumbnail-copy.jpgThis week, Intel filed an amicus brief at the U.S. Supreme Court regarding venue for patent cases in TC Heartland LLC vs Kraft Food Brands LLC.  At issue in the case is whether jurisdiction for where patent cases may be brought is narrower than the jurisdiction available under the general civil action jurisdiction statute in the Federal Court system.  TC Heartland’s position in the appeal is that Congress (and Supreme Court cases interpreting Congress’ actions) has always intended more narrow jurisdictional rules to apply to patent cases and that the Federal Circuits’ opinion below is incorrect, empowering patent owners with essentially unfettered discretion to sue a corporation for patent infringement anywhere in the United States the alleged infringer’s products are purchased.  Intel’s brief supported this legal position, and provided policy guidance on how failing to limit jurisdiction appropriately, overburdens certain courts undercutting the ability of those courts to adequately play their role in properly adjudicating patent disputes, and undermines the stability of the patent system, on top of burdening defendants with the extra costs of litigating in far flung jurisdictions.  Intel’s brief was joined by Dell Corporation.