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Intel opposes Texas bills HB 3859 and SB 2078

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Today, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich wrote to Governor Greg Abbott of Texas regarding the bills HB3859 and SB2078. The text of his email is below.
Dear Governor Abbott:

I write to express Intel’s strong opposition to HB 3859 and SB 2078.  We ask you to reject any calls for a special session.  We also ask you to veto these unjust bills should they ever reach your desk.

Discrimination in any form is wrong.  At Intel, we strongly value diversity and inclusion. These bills inappropriately target transgender students directly.  Aside from being discriminatory, these bills would make it more difficult for us to recruit and retain employees in Texas.  Given that, should these discriminatory provisions become law, we would have no choice but to take these issues into consideration when making decisions about future investments in your state.

Respectfully yours,

Brian Krzanich
Intel Corporation

Intel is a member of the coalition Keep Texas Open for Business, and previously signed an open letter addressed to Texas lawmakers opposing discriminatory legislation.