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Intel supports Senate passage of the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act

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Statement by Al Thompson, vice president of U.S. Government Relations at Intel

Al-Thompson-Photo-Tie-scaled-2-150x150.jpeg Al Thompson, Intel

Today, the U.S. Senate took an important step toward strengthening American leadership in semiconductor manufacturing, innovation and research and development. The U.S. Innovation and Competition Act will not only boost investment in manufacturing capacity here at home but foster an innovation ecosystem and protect a critical supply chain.

Our CEO, Pat Gelsinger, recently penned an editorial in The Hill describing how Intel is putting our chips on the table through increased U.S. investment. As America’s most advanced microprocessor manufacturer, we are proud of our work to restore and grow U.S. leadership in semiconductor manufacturing, but we can’t do it alone. Private-public partnership is critical to ensuring US economic competitiveness and national security. We look forward to working with leaders in the House of Representatives to advance the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act.