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Intel welcomes the EU proposal for a Chips Act

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Intel welcomes the EU proposal for a Chips Act and the ambition to develop a more geographically diversified, sustainable and resilient semiconductor supply chain. The proposal is a catalyst for future EU-wide critical R&D and manufacturing investments from Intel and others in the semiconductor industry.

Intel has been manufacturing chips in the EU for more than 30 years. Since 1989, we have invested €18 billion in European production and we employ over 10,000 employees across 20 European countries. We are currently considering a significant increase in our European footprint, and we expect that the EU Chips Act will facilitate these plans.

It is imperative that the EU and U.S. join forces to invest in the semiconductor ecosystem for the sake of our collective economic stability and supply chain security. The EU-US Trade and Technology Council provides the ideal forum to ensure regulatory alignment on semiconductors and minimize the risk of new trade barriers for our sector.