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One step forward for high-skilled immigration reform

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By Lisa Malloy, director of Policy Communications and Government Relations for Intel

Today, the Administration followed through on action that could significantly improve the lives of thousands of Intel employees and their families. The Department of Homeland Security approved employment authorization for spouses of some employees who work in the United States on an H-1B visa.

This comes as a first step in what employees and employers hope will be a series of improvements to the American high-skilled immigration system. The most advanced Intel operations in the U.S. depend on our ability to hire engineers and scientists with specific technical skills, regardless of where they were born.

Intel’s top priority is to reduce the time it takes to get a permanent visa for our highly sought-after, foreign born employees. These employees, most often educated in the United States, contribute to Intel’s success and to the communities in which they live. They deserve the predictable work environment that a permanent visa or green card provides.

This level of reform will take Congressional action.

Until we can achieve fundamental reform, it is important to improve the lives of employees on an H-1B visa, including providing employment authorization to spouses and thus additional economic opportunity to their families.

We applaud this action and the promise of meaningful immigration reform from approval to implementation.
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