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Poll Reveals Increased Awareness of the Importance of Investment in Education, Technology and Innovation to U.S. Economic Growth

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Last week saw publication of a new Zogby poll that surveyed U.S. voters on the role of innovation and technology in America’s future growth. The poll was unveiled by TechNet, a national, bipartisan network of CEOs committed to working with policy makers to advance America’s innovation and technology leadership. (Intel CEO Paul Otellini is a member of TechNet’s Executive Council.)

TechNet President and CEO Rey Ramsey penned in The Huffington Post that “Fully 78% of likely voters surveyed agreed that America's schools are failing to adequately prepare our children for the high-skilled jobs of the future.” And: “The majority (58%) of likely voters believe a foreign country will drive the most technological innovation in the next decade. Only 33% of those polled think the U.S. will drive the most innovation in this period.”

At a minimum, the results of this survey do not reveal the sort of optimism we as Americans typically like to see. But the results do reflect an understanding of the importance of education, technology and innovation to our future growth and global competitiveness.

This also underscores further the work ahead of us to sustain and grow the U.S. economy through education, technology and innovation. As we work toward this goal together, I encourage you to visit TheInnovationEconomy.org to learn more of what thought leaders are saying needs to be done.