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Senate Venue Bill Installs Basic Fairness in Patent Cases

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Intel statement on the introduction of the "Venue Equity and Non-Uniformity Elimination Act of 2016"

Senators Flake, Gardner and Lee have introduced a bill designed to improve the efficiency of the U.S. patent system by ensuring that patent cases are brought in venues with a reasonable connection to the issues in dispute. This will reduce the burdens placed on federal judicial venues that are unfairly inundated by parties seeking to forum shop.

There should be a reasonable connection between the issues in dispute in a patent case and the venue in which it is brought. By ensuring such a connection, this bill installs basic fairness in patent cases and provides relief to overburdened districts. We applaud the leadership of these Senators and hope that others will join them in ensuring that parties cannot game our judicial system and undermine the incentives to innovate provided by our patent system.