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Tech Diversity – A Focus on 2020

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By Andrea Fava, director, Global Public Policy at Intel 

Today the Congressional Black Caucus launched a new initiative aimed at increasing African American representation and inclusion in the technology industry.  Intel supports that the CBC is taking action to engage with the technology industry and others on this important challenge.

In January of this year, Intel set out to tackle this challenge in our industry. Our CEO Brian Krzanich set a bold goal, saying that by 2020 our U.S. workforce would represent the talent available in the positions we hire here at Intel. He also announced a $300 million Diversity in Technology Initiative and called on the rest of the industry to join him in working harder to hire, retain, promote and progress more women and Hispanics, Native Americans and African Americans.  Intel has a history of leadership in the area of diversity and inclusion in the technology industry. From being one of the very first to release our EEO-1 data to the public (more than ten years ago) to creating the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network (more than 100 safe places for underserved youth to learn using technology) to our support of HBCU’s and our intern and scholarship programs for underserved youth, we’ve been practicing diversity for years. But now, with a very specific goal set for 2020, we are seeing early and promising progress towards a truly diverse workforce, not just for Intel but for the technology industry.

We look forward to engaging with members of Congress as we all work to tackle technology diversity.