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The 'Copenhagen Climate Consensus' is Half-Cocked

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sharper.jpgStephen Harper, Intel's global director for Environment and Energy Policy blogs from Copenhagen for National Journal.

Riding around Copenhagen these last two weeks it has been hard to miss all the bloviating billboards proffering particular views of whether climate change is real and what, if anything, we should do about it. One very large banner pasted on the side of a building near the city’s famous Tivoli Gardens, is very hard to miss. It is from the Copenhagen Climate Consensus, a group formed by the famous/infamous (depending on your views) “Skeptical Environmentalist,” Bjorn Lomborg.

My point here is not resuscitate the old debates about his wide-ranging views on various environmental topics and/or the statistical validity of the content of his book. It is, rather, to point out what I think are two glaring problems with the logic of his current views on climate.

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