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Video: Cyber Security Policy Panel – Global Threats Require Global Solutions

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By David Hoffman, Director Security Policy and Global Privacy Officer, Intel Corporation

The cyber security threat landscape has changed fundamentally over the last decade. Crime syndicates, terrorists, and nation states are engaging in cyber attacks to steal billions of dollars in intellectual property, disrupt business, and threaten governments.  At the 2012 Intel Developer Forum, I moderated a panel, which discussed these threats and how governments can work with industry to improve the level of cyber security. 

The panel included Renée James (Intel’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Software and Services Group), Michael DeCesare (Co-President of McAfee), Michael Kaiser (Executive Director of the National Cyber Security Alliance), Bruce Aitken (Director of Global Policy, Intel China), and Prof. Deirdre Mulligan (Professor of law at the UC Berkeley School of Information and a Faculty Director of the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology). The panel explored themes introduced in Ms. James’s keynote earlier in the day of the importance of increasing the pace of cyber security innovation, and the substantial investment Intel and McAfee are making to do so.

Two alternate visions of the future were forecast by the discussion: (1) Individual countries increasingly pass laws regulating cyber-security or which apply primarily to the “local” jurisdiction, or (2) multi-jurisdictional efforts to address cyber-security challenges gain traction, increasing inter-governmental coordination and cooperation amongst states.  There is a great need for governments to take action to protect their citizens.  However, efforts which have the unintended consequence of inhibiting global collaboration or increasing the cost of complying with non-interoperable requirements and standards, run the risk of decreasing the investment in cyber security innovation.  The panel urged policy makers to pursue solutions that increase investment in cyber security research and development, and which scale to allow for more secure technology which can be sold around the world.   Cyber security risks are growing and can come from anywhere.  These global threats require pursuit of global solutions. 

The video of the panel discussion is now available: http://newsroom.intel.com/docs/DOC-2925.  

Next week begins a month of Cyber Security Awareness activities, please join the conversation here or look for other opportunities to get involved.