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5 Tips for Landing Your Dream Job

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EB-5tips-1024x536.pngInterested in growing the tech career you’ve always wanted? Intel recruiters connect with thousands of job candidates every year, and here are the top lessons we’ve learned that will help you take advantage of the right opportunity.

  1. Know who you are, what you want, and the value you’ll add

To prepare for your dream job, make a list and figure out what you really want, then focus on it. Build your skills, work hard, and have a concrete understanding of the value you bring to the table. Don’t be afraid to go for it even if you feel you don’t have the exact qualifications. You can parlay your life experience, from tangential (but relevant) employment, volunteer efforts, workshops, mentorships, etc., to useful qualifications in your new career.

Once you’re prepared, make sure to maximize your presence in your online and IRL networks and keep your eyes and ears open for opportunity. Going after “the” job and not “a” job with passion and interest will help you stand out from the crowd.

  1. Network like it’s your job

The value of a robust and expansive network cannot be overstated, so make cultivating relationships a priority. Find the right people and build a network of support and encouragement; reach out to school friends, former mentors, previous colleagues who are willing to introduce you to new connections. Each won’t translate to a job opportunity, but you can learn and grow from everyone you meet. Take the time to build meaningful relationships and always show your work. You never know where an opportunity will arise, sometimes it’s as simple as someone knowing you – your work ethic and your personality – and recommending you for a position.

Whenever you identify a potential opportunity, make sure to check your network contacts for anyone who is employed by the company. Employee referrals are an excellent way to get your resume considered.

  1. Research before applying

No two companies are exactly alike, so it’s wise to do your homework and discover as much as possible before you apply. After all, there’s no point interviewing with a company whose culture doesn’t align with your interests or values. The tech industry is rich with opportunity – take the time to research where you’ll be happiest, then pursue open positions there. Career websites and corporate LinkedIn profiles are great places to start.

  1. Effort counts

You’ve decided to apply, now make sure to give it your all. Tailor your communications to highlight the fact that you’ve done your research and you are excited to work for the company at hand. Address the recruiter or hiring manager by the correct name and try to minimize easy mistakes like referencing the wrong company in your cover letter or emails. Putting in effort conveys that you’re serious about becoming a part of the team. Show the value you bring to the table from the get go through your professionalism and enthusiasm.

  1. Show your appreciation

After you’ve meet with a recruiter or hiring manager, take the time to drop a genuine note of thanks. Reference meaningful points from your conversation and thank them for the opportunity to meet them and learn about the company. Even if you don’t get the job, leaving a good impression can help you be remembered for the next opportunity.
Now that you’re ready to get out there and pursue your dream job, the best advice we can give you is this: Give it a little time, keep your eye out for opportunity, and stay positive. Good luck!
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