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A Career Inspired by Movies—One Security Engineer’s Journey to Intel

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Movies built on suspense and intrigue have always been a draw for Mir Ahsan. Little did he know that his love for math and science would lead him to a career in firmware security, developing cutting edge cybersecurity solutions at Intel.


Growing up in Toronto, Mir was interested in math and science but didn’t really think too much about these subjects being a starting point for a career until he took his first programming course. He recalls realizing, “Hey, I really like this!” and his passion for an engineering career was sparked. Through this initial spark, Mir started to work in security for embedded systems while earning his master’s degree,

Mir says he leads his work with the mantra, “Just because something needs to be secure doesn’t mean we have to compromise on usability. This goes the other way, too. Just because we need to make something super easy to use doesn’t mean we have to compromise on security.”

Mir’s unwavering dedication and customer obsession comes to life though Intel’s products. For example, working on secure boot technology which gives the users confidence that they are not exposing themselves to security risks . Mir knows that the security we once took for granted has proven to be essential during the current pandemic. Cybersecurity has contributed to enabling secure remote work and learning possibilities. Because he can work securely, Mir continues developing secure products and peace of mind from home.

Along with doing what he loves and knowing that what he does matters on a global scale, The support from leadership has been really great, Mir adds: “Every time our leadership comes up and gives an update or talks about what's coming in the future, they always emphasize that employees matter the most, their mental and physical health. It gives you the moral support to know that, hey, I feel appreciated. I feel that someone cares, that my employer actually cares.”


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